Andalucia & Almeria Track Day

Event type: TRACK DAY for motorcycles
Track: Circuito de Almeria & Andalucia Circuit
We will have first two days on Almeria Circuit and lthe last two days on Andalucia Circuit.
Requirements and general info about event is here.
Cheap plane tickets you will find on Ryanair web where the best location to land is Alicante airport.
Content and service availability:
Service/content   Available  Prices and clarifications
GARAGE YES Storing the motorcycles in the garage at Almeria racetrack costs 100 EUR for any perriod starting from first our track day On November till the last track day. Bikes will be given to drive on our events only. If someone wants to use other organizes events, them additionally 100 EUR must be paid for one picking up the bike.
INSURANCE NO Each participant must have additional insurance where medical costs while driving at the racetrack are insured.
LAP TIMING YES Lap timing is mandatory to all participants and is 45 EUR for 3 days event, 60 EUR for 4 days event.
TIRE SERVICE YES Tire service will be provided by the local workshop. Prices are set by the service provider.
BOXES YES Place in a box is included in the price. 
FOOD YES There is a coffee shop on the track. There you can have some food and beverages for a reasonable price.
PHOTOS YES Personal photos from the track will be available.
RACES YES Races will take place according the schedule. No additional fees are applied. Participation in the race is not mandatory.
More info about the track at